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Food and Nutrition

Why Food and Nutrition is Our Priority?

We believe that a “healthy tummy provides healthy mind”. It is important that children learn to always eat well-balanced food and a variety of flavours from a very young age when eating habits are formed. With this in mind, we try and provide organic food wherever possible. It is also important that we give enough opportunities for them to eat all types of food. For example, traditional Chinese, Thai, Asian, Sri Lankan, European, African and American dishes.

We provide all meals and snacks to children. These are included in the fee. Children will enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks, milk and drinks. Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day.

Children will participate in setting up tables for meal and helping to clear away afterwards. This allows them to be responsible and gives them the feel of a homely environment. Children will sometimes be involved in helping to prepare their lunch and dinner, for example, washing vegetables and mixing / weighing ingredients. We incorporate their learning through simple activities and a hands-on approach.