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Home Visits

What is Home Visit?

The key person and the manager will make a visit to your home at a convenient time for both parties as a part of settling in process.

Why do we make home visits?

  1. We make that extra effort to get to know your child in the place where they feel most comfortable, HOME.
  2. To establish a relationship with your child so that they recognises us and feel assured by ‘friendly faces’ when they start at Little Limes.
  3. We recognise parents as first educators who know their child better than anyone. We want parents to get to know us in an informal way where vital information can be shared for us to provide the best level of childcare.

What happens during home visit?

We provide more information about our Day Care Nursery and childcare services we provide, answering any questions or concerns you have. We fill out forms and record important information to prepare for a smooth ‘settling in’ period.

When do we visit?

We visit at least a week before your child starts at Little Limes.

Little Limes Day Nursery and Day Care Home visits

Settling in Period

‘Settling in’ visits and introductory sessions last approximately 1-2 hours. Two of these sessions will be provided free of charge over a one-week period. ‘Settling in’ sessions are dependent on individual needs, age and stage of development. For those children who take a long time to settle, we will develop a plan that will work for the child and you.