We have one of the largest outdoor play areas !

Home Visits

Rapport building home visits to develop trust and confidence so your little one settles much quicker.

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What is home visit? When do we visit?

The key person and the manager will make a visit to your home at a convenient time for both parties as a part of settling in process. We visit at least a week before your child starts at Little Limes.

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Healthy Meals

We believe that a ‘healthy tummy provides a healthy mind’. We provide a well-balanced and varied menu for our youngsters to enjoy.

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Why food and nutrition is our priority?

It is important that children learn to always eat well-balanced food and a variety of flavours from a very young age when eating habits are formed.

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Digital Diaries

Parents have access to daily online diary to keep track about their child’s daily activities.

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Digital Diaries and Partnerships

We provide detailed information such as hours slept, nappy changes, food consumed and how much was consumed etc.

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Little Limes Day Nursery


Our Aim

Recognise a child’s full potential, providing affection and trust.

Encourage to aspire and explore their own learning style/pace.

Support children to meet the EYFS for knowledge and skills as well as develop their ability to think and take appropriate action.

Prepare to integrate with and respect different cultures and beliefs from various culture and backgrounds.

Working in partnership with parents/carers and education specialists, keeping the children interest at heart.

Instil passion for learning by highly skilled  and committed staff providing high quality care and learning.

Little Limes Day Nursery and Day Care our approach

Our Approach

Nursery is inspired by the very practical and realistic, Italian, Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education which values the child as strong, capable and resilient person who is full of curiosity. We take into heart that every child is naturally gifted, and their deep curiosity and talent drives their understanding of where they belong in the world.

As passionate teachers, we standby, observe and support children find their own techniques to communicate with the world in their own unique way and support them to overcome obstacles whilst also assisting them with learning.

We also have a hands-on “Discovery Centre” where mixed ages come together for shared exploration, to develop their senses and expand language skills.

Our open plan layout has three key areas

Children of all ages have opportunities to come together. We created this space intentionally to provide opportunities for children to challenge themselves. It also encourages peer to peer learning where children learn the best.

Little Tangerines

Little Tangerines

For babies aged
3 – 23 months

Little Lemons

Little Lemons

For toddlers aged
24 – 35 months

Little Limes

Little Limes

For pre-schoolers
3 – 5 years

Our Features


Safe Enviroment

We provide safe, stimulating warm and caring environment for the children.

Qualified Teachers

Highly skilled warm and loving staff to provide emotional security and a safe place.

Open Door Policy

We strongly believe in working in partnership with parents, community and other professionals and welcome feedback.

Enabling Environment

The nursery is an open plan setting. The outdoor space is created and left open to ignite children’s imagination.

Our Team


Our Talented Team

A happy child learns through play and positive role modelling. That is who we are at Little Limes.

  • We offer high quality Day care Services.
  • We pride ourselves on doing things slightly differently to provide warm and happy atmosphere.

Our team are carefully handpicked and vetted to provide outstanding care for the children at Little Limes. They are uniquely passionate about Early Years and knows what it takes to give exceptional care and nurturing to children.

  • Our Head of Early Years has Early Years Teachers Qualification.
  • The Manager is fully trained ELSA specialist to support children who has Emotional Literacy Needs.
  • All staff are level 3 qualified.

We believe every child should have access to nature and grow up building resilience. Therefore our staff are specially trained to provide Forest School type education.